Dr Vitaliy Kurlin: mathematics & computer science

Current research: topological data analysis. Everything is possible!

E-mail: vitaliy.kurlin(at)gmail.com, University of Liverpool, UK

Welcome to the Data Science research using new topological methods for Materials Science, Computer Vision, Climate. If you are a potential postdoc, PhD student or intern with C++ or Python skills, please e-mail vitaliy.kurlin(at)gmail.com.

Topological data analysis: tools and applications

theory and applications of topological data analysis

Videos of talks explaining key ideas, basic examples and various applications of Topological Data Analysis :

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Affiliations: current positions and connections

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News: success stories in the TDA group

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Awards (larger than 10K GBP in value), see also smaller grants

EPSRC logo EPSRC grant awarded under the call New Approaches to Data Science jointly with Principal Investigators Prof Ulrike Tillmann and Dr Heather Harrington from Oxford and a team from Swansea. The 100% budget is more than £3.5M over 2018 - 2022. I've led the Computer Science team at Liverpool with a budget over 715K GBP including Prof Andrew Cooper, Paul Spirakis, Igor Potapov. The success has led to the creation of the Centre for Topological Data Analysis and was higlighted in the University of Liverpool news.
Title : Application-driven Topological Data Analysis (ref. EP/R018472/1).
Royal Society logo The Royal Society International Exchanges grant (12K GBP until December 2019) for bilateral visits between the TDA group at Liverpool (UK) and Prof Herbert Edelsbrunner's group at IST Austria.
Intel logo Intel gift (80K USD) for the first 2 years of Grzegorz Muszynski's PhD "Topological analysis of the Climate System" funded through the Berkeley lab (US) from April 2017 at the University of Liverpool, UK.
Microsoft logo Knowledge Transfer Secondments at Microsoft Research Cambridge with Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon.
2014 - 2016 : EPSRC gave about 24K GBP, Microsoft Research provided 75K GBP in-kind contribution.
Title : Applications of Topological Data Analysis to Computer Vision. Covered visits to Prof Carlsson at Stanford University (US) and Ayasdi, to Prabhat at Lawrence National Laboratory in Berkeley (2016).
EPSRC logo EPSRC first grant (100K GBP) with post-doctoral assistant Dr Alexey Chernov, 2011 - 2013
Title : Persistent Topological Structures in Noisy Images (ref. EP/I030328/1), which continued as Knowledge Transefer Secondments at Microsoft Research Cambridge in 2014-2016.
EC logo Marie Curie International Incoming Postdoctoral Fellowship (142K Euros) Combinatorial Knot Theory, University of Liverpool (UK), September 2005 - May 2007.
Dijon logo Postdoctoral Fellowship (22K Euros) on Combinatorial Group Theory at University of Burgundy, Dijon (France), December 2003 - November 2004.

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Group in Topological Data Analysis

Yury Elkin's photo PhD student Mr Yury Elkin (since November 2017) is supervised by Dr Vitaliy Kurlin (80%) and Dr Esther Garcia-Tunon, funded by the school of EEE&CS at Liverpool.
Project : Topological analysis of colloids.
Fraser Holloway's photo PhD student Mr Fraser Holloway (since October 2017) is supervised by Dr Laura Harkness-Brennan and Dr Vitaliy Kurlin (50%), funded by the Big Data Science Centre for Doctoral Training in Physics at Liverpool.
Project : Topological Data Analysis methods for AGATA (a gamma-ray detector).
Grzegorz Muszynski's photo PhD student Mr Grzegorz Muszynski (since April 2017) is supervised by Dr Vitaliy Kurlin (80%) and the Senior Staff Scientist Michael Wehner (Berkeley lab, US), funded by the Intel Parallel Computing Center.
Project : Topological Analysis of the Climate System.
Krasen Samardzhiev's photo PhD student Mr Krasen Samardzhiev (since October 2017) is supervised by Dr Daniel Arribas-Bel, Dr Vitaliy Kurlin (40%) and Prof Alex Singleton, funded by the Data Analytics and Society CDT at Liverpool.
Project : A Topological Data Analysis of Big Spatio-Temporal Urban Data.
Philip Smith's photo PhD student Mr Philip Smith (since October 2017) is supervised by Dr Vitaliy Kurlin (80%) and Dr Igor Potapov, funded by the Leverhulme Centre at the Materials Innovation Factory in Liverpool.
Project : New Computational Methods for a Faster Materials Discovery.

In December 2017 - February 2018 the visiting intern students were Naohiko Ban, Asim Munshi, Eris Tricker.

TDA group photo February 2018

From left to right: Naohiko Ban, Asim Munshi, Eris Tricker, Krasen Samardzhiev, VK, Grzegorz Muszynski, Phil Smith.

The group offers the opportunity to give informal talks at the regular TDA seminar.

You could also explore the former students and postdocs of the TDA group.

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Join the group in Topological Data Analysis

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Career highlights : achievements since 2005

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Education : PhD (2003), MSc×2 and PGCert

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Experience : CV and job history since 2000

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